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What you can do with gel nails


Gel cure program

This program aims to improve problems while growing and protecting healthy nails by using gel for those who have troubles with their own nails such as deep nails, biting nails, and vertically cracked nails .

The program period is one month.

Since the period until the end differs depending on the condition of your nails, we will propose a program menu that suits you while counseling at the first time.

* Please refrain from using this product if you have no problems with your nails.


The natural finish is unique to Biogel. It is possible to repair if only one of your nails is broken or cracked when you have your own nails. You can also add clear nails and glitter by taking advantage of the excellent transparency that is a feature of gel nails. We will perform maintenance on the newly extended self-nail part for about 3 weeks.


Gel cure program ¥ 10,000
What is included in the gel cure program

​・ Gel nail off or maintenance ・ Cuticle care ・ Filing ・ Gel repair as needed ・ Care goods present only at the first time ☆

Applicable period

The period until the end depends on the condition of your nails.

The earliest is about 2 months, but the average is about 3 to 6 months. In addition, there are individual differences depending on the speed at which the nails grow and lifestyle.

In the case of biting nail / deep nail correction

It will be applied for a period until the length of the nails of both hands is extended. Please use the regular menu after the program ends.

For vertical crack correction

​It is applied until the vertical crack part disappears.
Please use the regular menu after the program ends.

Also for protection purposes (double nails, cracks, etc.)

There is no limit on the period of application, and you can choose from either the gel cure program or the regular menu.

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